In a few simple clicks,

Holiday management made easy.

For you and your team.


Welcome to allbookd! Software developed to make you and your team's life easier and more organised when dealing with annual leave requests. We are designed with nothing but the user in mind, that being you and your team for the lowest cost possible to create a win-win for everyone!

We aim to offer a simple to use yet highly functional product to streamline your annual leave booking procedure. With effective methods to communicate requests between Managers, Administrators through to team members.

Here at allbookd we believe in a stress-free life, and we know how much strain the endless supply of e-mails, holiday request forms and spreadsheets can add to your daily workload.

We say no to all that.

Yes to booking holiday in as little as 3 finger taps.

Yes approving/denying holiday in 2 taps and a swipe.

Yes to making every aspect of holiday simple, just as it should be.


allbookd offers a simple solution to organising and handling staff holiday, saving you hours on spreadsheets and emails.

  • Simplified admin panel, no unwanted mess taking up space

  • Book holiday in as little as 3 taps

  • Approve holiday in as little as 2 taps and a swipe

  • Team members allowances are automatically calculated on registration

  • Bi-weekly rota options available

  • Automatic deductions/additions to each users allowance

  • Half Day/Casual Hours can all be done through the one calendar

  • Department calendars - so users only see holiday for their group

  • Instant push notifications to communicate between teams or individual users


Nobody wants to talk about it, nor do we - but we wont hide it away... why?

We have no hidden costs, no 'Premium' subscription, no multi-tiered confusing small print of what you get and what you dont. We like to be in the open, honest, and offer a little more than it says on the tin! (all for one price), We believe that you shouldn't be sold to an idea only to find out it costs more for what you read about! 

allbookd is here to redefine what comes as 'standard' because, well, everything comes as standard!

£1.20, per person, per month.



Team members signing up? or adding your business to our app - we've kept the whole process as quick and painless as possible!


Start by downloading the allbookd app from the app store, or hit the link below to take you straight there! 

Press the register business option at the bottom of the screen. Complete the two simple steps and you're automatically added to our database, and can instantly start using the service.

Initially the bill payer (this being whoever sets up your business on allbookd), is assigned the first administrator role in your group, but is able to amend this after to other team members should there be others who manage the annual leave. This is also the person who will receive the monthly invoice!

Get your team to download the app (or they might have it ready), and on registration they will now be able to select your business and their department. You will then be prompted of a new team member and all you need to do is confirm they are one of your employees so they can get booking and it's as simple as that!

what you get


Simple, Functional, Clean.


When someone wants to know about their holiday, what do they ask? 

How much they have?

How much they've taken?

How much remaining?

With allbookd. It's all there in front of them.


Your team members get the following options: 

  • Book Leave - Opens the group calendar, view/request holiday here.

  • Edit Leave - A list of all their own leave, where cancellations are made.

  • Details - Someone changed their hours? Edit them here to calculate a new allowance.

  • Contact - Opens an e-mail, to your address.

  • Help - Well, we all need it sometimes. 

Head over to the 'using allbookd' page for more in-app information of what we have to offer!