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No worries, there is some basic information on the 'using allbookd' page, if you're looking for some guidance below is a section of tutorial videos that we hope can help with your day-to-day usage of allbookd! 

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Setting Up.

New user joining your teams calendar? 

This video will guide you through the process to get you working with allbookd in just a few minutes!

Booking Leave.

This video will take you through booking your leave will allbookd, covering half days, casual hours, multiple days and is here to help you familiarise yourself with your calendar page!

Editing Your Leave.

If you've accidentally booked a half day, or want to entirely delete a date, this short video shows you exactly what to do, helping you get the most out of allbookd! 

Your Details

This video guides you through how to view a year by year breakdown of your leave, leading on to how you can edit your hours & allowances for either each year continually or just a single year!


All Admin Sections

As an admin you're opened up to more options relating to team management with allbookd. 

This video covers everything an admin needs to know to handle your team from approving leave to sending your own notifications out!

Registering Your Business

Want to see how quick and easy it can be to set your business up on allbookd?


This short video shows exactly that, so you can get your team booking their leave in no time!


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