Want to know? We'll tell you our secrets.

We use that wonderful place up in the sky known as the cloud, and it's due to this that any changes you, or your team make, happen instantly (seriously, it actually scares us how fast sometimes). Requests, registration, approvals, everything, is handled instantly.

On top of this, to ensure we are available at all times, for you and your team - our little place in the cloud is hosted by a service known as Google Firebase.

How can it really be instant?

Lets get a little techy.

We disposed of traditional 'tables', much like a spreadsheet, where your phone needs to load it, then edit it, save the changes and re-read it. 

We removed the spreadsheets and tables - Jesus you don't want that mess, nor do we! Our database has Listeners, so 10,000 people could update it, unless that applies to you, it doesn't matter! Your app only reads the data that applied to you and your department, and your part of our database is private. The joy of listeners is that the moment your section is updated, from anyone anywhere - it updates for you!

Why Google Firebase? 

They can provide us with a 99.95% uptime, meaning we're online, all the time - for everyone, and the added bonus of this is - IF there ever is any downtime, you can trust Google to get it back up and running faster than anyone out there.


Personal data, each of our details, are sacred, we ensure that our database and internal security are beyond strict! 

allbookd set out with the goal of working for each of you, and doing the hard work when it comes to absence management so you can kick back and relax - the same goes for our security! A further benefit of storing our data in Google Firebase, is that if you can't hack Google, you can't hack us! 

Like they say, never write your passwords down, and the only person who knows the access details to the allbookd database is none other than allbookds creator.


Nothing that is yours is shared, ever.