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Boy does time fly!

The festivities, New Year, Lunar New Year, it all passes by so quick. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten you all, we may have enjoyed one too many Christmas party and regretted it the following day but that doesn't mean we haven't been back at it working away to get the ball rolling this year.

January's update includes:

  • Once you hit save on the calendar, it updates instantly - whereas before visual changes took place once you changed the date.

  • Multiple select; selected the wrong date as part of your selection? No worries, just press and hold to remove it from the group (you'll know it's worked if that date goes yellow until you move on)

  • The little orange circle showing other users has got some friends, if more than one person is off, there will be a number of markers in relation to this, so you can see exactly when best to take that trip of a lifetime!

  • Your leave page originally showed the current years leave in, and for further years you needed to head through 'My Details'. Well no more! You leave page will show the current leave year and next, further than that is still accessed in the same way

  • The back button is back by popular demand; now this doesn't mean accidental logouts on android - it just means that little arrow at the top left to pop back a page is there for helpful navigation!


  • When assigning holiday to a team member yourself, you can now add casual hours as well as Full/Half day!

Bug Squashing:

  • Fixed issue with the delay of the setup process when first signing up

  • Fixed a bug effecting some people during business registration

  • Extra prevention methods in place to avoid duplicate booking of days whilst in multi-select mode

  • An issue launching the setup process even if registration failed has been fixed

  • If you use a custom holiday year and noticed a little jumping between what year is current displayed, that has now been fixed! (This was due to the calendar year roll-over but your custom year not and the numbers loading before the custom year)

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