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Do you work in education?

The sharing of knowledge and inspiring those around you is what motivates each and every teacher to get into that classroom each September, and lets not forget that with allbookd you can set your leave year to run from September - August!

Fear not, whilst you're back at work we haven't stopped! In the newest version of allbookd you will find:

  • The Admin panel has had a makeover to help all managers know exactly where they are in the app at what time.

  • Your business can now select their own custom holiday year, so your teams leave rolls over when you want it too!

  • Some additional '?' icons have been added to more pages to give you that nudge you may need.

  • The Edit Leave page and Approve/Decline pages now have icon buttons you can tap to to open the swipe buttons for actions to aid in clarity!

  • Our help pages have been redesigned to for easier reading and better device performance whilst using allbookd!

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