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allbookd has landed!

Welcome to allbookd. We're here to dedicate ourselves to simplifying your workplace holiday procedure! We have worked hard to create a simple, easy to use and no fuss mobile app which handles all the heavy lifting - without hidden costs or tiered price structures.

We believe that what you see advertised is what you should get, no bonus add-ons for them - everything you need, right where you want it.

Why allbookd?

Spreadsheets, e-mail chains, a million missing and wasted holiday forms? It makes us shudder, how about a nice clean app on your phone. Book leave in as little 3 taps, approve or decline in as little as 3 taps and a swipe - washed down with a handy little notification between you all when there's an update!

Features Include:

- Bi-weekly rota options as standard

- Allowances are automatically calculated on registration (Just one less job for you Managers)

- Calendars separated by department, so only those who's leave would effect each other will show per calendar

- Half Day/Casual Hours can all be done through the one calendar

- Instant push notifications to communicate between teams or individual users

- Cloud based database, so your data is accessible anywhere, and updates instantly


Sadly, we had to raise it at one point. We have worked to keep allbookd as affordable as possible, think of it as your favorite TV/Film/Music streaming service for it's price - but it doesn't take 2 hours of browsing to find a show to watch...

£1.20, per person. per month.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head over to the app store on your phone and download allbookd

  2. At the bottom of the page - hit 'add my business'

  3. Complete the form (we keep it short and sweet)

  4. Just like that, your business is now on allbookd! Head over to the 'Manage my Team' area and press share to open a pre-drafted e-mail with app-store links to send to staff, all you need to do is enter their e-mails and activate their accounts when they join!

  5. Happy Holidays!

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