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It's 2020!

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

That can only mean one thing... actually, two.

1) After this Festive period a month long hangover could be possible.

2) Straight back too it!

Our resolution this year is simple, to get things done. Now we're going to let you in on a few things we have in store which we've been preparing behind the scenes for you all!

  • Our aim is to keep everything you need, all in one place - so we've been laying base for in-app messaging, talk with an individual, or your department, it's an easy way to keep all your leave based conversations, day swap requests and whatnot easy to find and in the place where you book your leave!

  • HR support - this extension to the admin panel will include FAQs for those questions we all ask but need to google, and built in leave calculators for you to use (lets say somebody is starting part way through the year and you need to amend their allowance accordingly)

  • Irregular Hours/Flexi time, we're working to include this in our support, for those who aren't simply on a weekly or bi-weekly rota, we'll help you calculate how much holiday you've earnt whilst you can use the calendar to see when or where you're working

Well, that's a drop in the ocean which is our roadmap - but we don't want to give away all the secrets just yet!

Cheers to another fantastic year ahead and we look forward to building an even better product for all of you! Now it's about time to have a nap and try to recover.....

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