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It's safe to say, we've been busy.

Booking a holiday may not be the first thing on any of our to-do list right now, that's doesn't mean it's not been the perfect time to organise your team! That's why, our newest update adds a bulk of new features (or improved old ones) to help do just that, but easier.

So, kick back - make the most of the time at home, we've all done it! Yoga, Banana bread, French (or whatever language you learnt); hell, even if you did nothing, you do you! But why not head back into work with you and your teams annual leave organised? Walk back in with that calm and simplicity that you had whilst at home. (Except, it's in your hand, on an app), so without further ado, our full list of update notes is below!

A brand new toolkit.

That's right admins, more tools to do more things - but always without any extra mess of fun, you'll find it in your admin panel and it includes;

Annual Leave Entitlement Calculators

They do what they say on the tin, they help you calculate all kinds of annual leave; for a full leave year; for someone starting part way through the year, for someone leaving during the year - even someone both starting and leaving during the year!

All you need to do, is enter the info that's asked on the form (days works per week, hours per week ect) hit calculate and it'll pop straight up for you! Now these have been built in line with the UK Government statutory entitlements, however we believe in rewarding staff who work extra, therefore it does also show any leave over their statutory entitlement.

A FAQ, for all leave types

Also on the toolkit, you'll find a FAQ, it's got answers to many of the most common questions regarding any type of leave be it maternity, unauthorised absence and even furlough. Simple, yes. Helpful, absolutely!

Custom Push Notifications

Now this was released last update, but has however been moved into your toolkit (in case you can't find it); We have improved it's layout, and how smoothly it runs, so it might look a little different but the same options are there!

Custom Roles For Admins

We've been putting this together for a while, if your business has multiple departments, and different team leaders who manage those, now you can assign users admin properties for just the department(s) they're authorised to handle leave for.

That way they only get notifications that apply to them, they can only view requests of team members which apply to them, and only view and edit team member details which they're authorised too!

It gives your team that added layer of both organisation and security, keeping it a neater, cleaner and smoother experience for everyone!

The 'Edit Admin' page of the admin panel, has changed a fair amount to accommodate this, you'll now see the admins of each department when you open the page, (so there may be some names twice); to remove an admin from that role, hit the trash icon on their name and confirm it - to assign a new team member to be an administrator of one of your departments, hit the '+' icon on that departments name and then just 'switch on' whoever you need to add!

It'll update instantly and automatically, so no need to press save, just close the screen once done!

Your Approval Page

Now this page has changed a little, there's now a tab bar at the top with each of your departments (if you have more than fits the width of the screen, it can be scrolled); so instead of cycling through your departments (and potentially missing the one you need), you can just head straight to that one!

Team Detail Page

This page is another one that's had a pretty big change, it's easier to view what you need with more screen space to do so! Check the side-by-side comparison to see the differences


More Changes


There's a few differences with how allbookd looks, behaves when you use it - now, nothing's moved to an obscure place, however you might notice some visual differences when using the app; smoother transitions, a new style of popup. It's all there to make allbookd run faster and better for you!

List Filtering/Sorting

You'll notice there's now additional sorting or filtering on your leave list (or

as an admin when you're viewing a team members leave), Now you can tick a checkbox at the top of these lists which will show previous years, it's to make sure you're always starting viewing your leave at the most current year, where you need to be!

Should you want to view previous years, check the box and it'll make them appear!


Admins you can now search your team list, we understand some businesses have a large team, and it just helps you access their details faster than scrolling! The search bar is by their first name, so starting with 'E' you'll be shown all those who's first name starts with E and can continue typing from there to refine the search even more!3

Editing Team Allowances/Hours

When Editing either your own or a team members allowance, you can now select if these changes apply only to the current year or all continuous years; complete the process as you normally would, and just as you click save you'll be prompted on how you want this change to take space, choose your option and it will update the hours or allowance as normal!

What's Next?

Well, as usual we have no intention of stopping here, in the coming months we're getting ready to release even more features to make your annual leave procedure run all the more smoother!

  • In app reporting with PDF downloads. Check.

  • Direct messaging in app, to keep your team closer than ever. Check.

  • Support for irregular hours. Check

  • Sickness and Maternity leave to be applied to the calendar. Check

  • Expanded support for multi-lingual devices. Check

  • Adding your approved leave to your devices personal calendar. Check

Oh, and so much more!

But for now, enjoy the update, stay safe and we'll be back soon with more new features, just for you!

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