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We're all human.

People are affected by pressure and stress in different ways, we need to remember to focus on the individual and what signs may be there for us to recognise. Headaches, anxiousness, sleeplessness, loss of concentration, irritable or exhibiting poor communication.

Further to this, recent studies have indicated that some employees are too overwhelmed to take time off, believing that their workload will spiral out of control or they will be at risk of redundancy if they do not continue to put in long hours.

Our responsibility.

We as leaders need to look into long term resolutions to this. No matter what the industry, we will all experience stress in some form during our professional lives, a prevalent issue today is increased workloads and reducing staff numbers - as the pressure rises, so does the effect on our teams mental health. This is where we need to step in, so what can we do?

It can be difficult in some environments to make sure we work with our team and enable them to be the best they can, we're saying difficult, not impossible. Look for the signs of stress, and immediately take steps to reduce this, there is no shame in asking if somebody is okay - and sometimes that's all it takes is knowing someone is there. There will always be a time we need to do more than this - sure a holiday can help (booked through allbookd we hope), but this is often a short term solution

So what can we do?

More holidays - maybe, or perhaps making sure we offer our team the time they need to recover from the day to day, a support network they can comfortably access to speak freely.

It is without a doubt every single one of our jobs to create a new workplace culture - removing the fear of expression and the feeling of 'Just solider on'. A happy, sustained team will always perform far better than a worn down team.

What about me?

We've spoken about what we can do for our teams, now what about Managers, Leaders, Admins? Well - the same goes for you, we're all human and all feel that weight. It's important to take time to yourself, re-center and have that network of your own. Believe us when we say it. A happy team will perform head and shoulders above a deflated one. That alone will take some of the pressure from you. Watch each others back, you'll see how it can work out better than you imagined.

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