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Not enjoyed enough of the sun yet?

You know what's more important than work? Your health - and we really hope you've managed to get some Vitamin D this month as it is absolutely beautiful out!

If you're stuck at home buried in paperwork making sure your team get their time off - make sure you download allbookd now and get yourself a drink as a reward on making it all just that little bit easier.

Now the joy of a laptop is we get to work in a beautiful beer garden, but still working - how great is that?! Leading too the following inclusions in the update out now:

  • When navigating allbookd, certain pages will now have a '?' icon at the top right corner, hit this to open up some helpful hints and tips for the page you're currently on!

  • You leave pages have now had a little glow-up, lovely and organised in pending first, then approved and finally declined. Further to this they are in date order so it makes that scroll a little smoother.

  • When adding your business, you will now be generated a business code. This is what your team members will need to enter when they sign up to access your database (privacy and security is important y'all)

Here's hoping you get that well deserved summer rest; and hit us up on the app store now!



Happy Holidays!

The allbookd team

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