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It's important to maintain communication between a team, it helps us all support each other and work together in a much better environment. We've always hated trying to keep track of e-mails, sheets and holiday forms, things get missed and that can lead to a deflated team - have we failed as a leader? No! We're all human and mistakes get made, but you know there is one thing that can help keep the annual leave side of things in check... that's right allbookd is here to help!

Now before we get carried away, check out whats new with us:

  • Backwards compatibility supporting thousands of older devices!

  • 'Share with team' now available on the admin panel for when you first sign up, hit the button to open a pre-drafted e-mail including app store links for allbookd so all you need to do is enter your team's emails and press send to get them all started!

  • With this addition, individual allowances and hours has been moved to one area, further allowing for department changes for anyone changing their role in your business!

  • When checking our your calendar, the list of who is off on each date now shows the status (Approved/Declined/Pending) for a clearer view of who's where!

Also - before we go, a minor bug fix in regards to an issue with setup if the app is closed during the registration point!

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