• Edward

Well we have been busy!

We're like busy little bee's at allbookd HQ, working full steam ahead to pack the app with ever more features whilst cutting out any excess bulk you really don't need - clean and simple is what we all need!

This update includes:

  • Ever requested holiday and wished you could explain why you reeeeeealy need that day off? Well now when you make a request you get the option to add a note which your Admin can see - y'know, just to make sure you get that day off for your own wedding.

  • Accidentally booked a Half day not full? Or decided you just want the afternoon instead? Head over to your leave page and you'll now see an extra option in the swipe container to edit the day, saves deleting it and re-booking doesn't it!

  • Listening to your feedback, and to help prevent the whole half day/full day mistake as above, once you hit save on the calendar it'll revert back to the default of 'single day/full day'


  • Got any technophobes? Or just want to win Manager of the year award? You can now setup team members to help get them started. Hit the add-user icon at the top of your team list and all they need to do is reset their password when first launching allbookd to get started.

  • So those handy little notifications you get when someone has booked leave, or the one when it's approved, now you can send you own custom notifications to one, some, or the whole team! You can send out remaining leave to give people a nudge to get booking, or an out of office for when you get your own well deserved holiday, and finally - write your own, if there just happens to be anything else you need to let the team know about!

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