We didn't want to bring it up either!

We would love nothing more than to offer allbookd as a free service, but alas, we cannot.


What we like more than free things, is when paid things are simple.

allbookd does not agree with confusing smallprint, or adverts which display a product which is only available for those who pay extra. 

We hope to redefine pricing structures, the added extra you get from us is nothing but honesty and no secret costs. 

We strive to deliver a clean, functional product, built for you - with everything included for one cost:


£1.20, per person, per month.

Think of allbookd as you favorite TV/Film/Music streaming service for it's price - but it doesn't take 2 hours of browsing to find a show to watch - it takes less than 2 minutes. Sounds good, doesn't it?


How do I pay?

Billed monthly, the person who registers the business on allbookd will be sent the invoice monthly, the first month is always free as you're paying for the month ahead, we may be a business, but we have been told we're too generous!

Please click the link at the bottom of the page to view our terms of use should you so desire, each of our users will need to accept these before using our service!