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At the bottom of each page the following document is available as a direct download, which we encourage our users to do so and read thoroughly!

This document is in place to detail the terms of which we provide our services, along with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use - are each detailed below, we’ll try to make this as quick and painless for you as possible!


Terms & Conditions


These terms apply to the contract between the customer and allbookd LTD, we advise you to carefully read and understand these before applying for use of our services!


By ticking the box displayed on our sign up page, you are accepting and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


What we mean by things:

allbookd: allbookd LTD, a company incorporated and registered in England and Wales, with company number 12064801

App: the allbookd mobile application - which is available for customers and users via download from a provider of such services.

Confidential Information: any information, covering our own and our users - which is to be treated in the strictest confidence.

Contract: the contract between the customer and allbookd for the supply of services

Customer: the person who is authorised to set up or handle your account, where the monthly invoices will be sent to

Fees: the subscription fees which are invoiced monthly, which may vary due to our services being charged per user

Service(s): Use of the mobile application, website which are under control or ownership of allbookd

User: the person(s) which are using the allbookd services under agreement of the customer


To use the services, the customer must fully complete the sign up form within the app, the first month is always free, and invoices will automatically be sent to the person who initially sets up the account each month from thereon.

Within the last business week of the month we calculate your monthly staff number, which is how we bill you - you will then be notified via email with the attached invoice of any monies owed to us.

Allbookd is a service charged per user, at a rate of £1.20, per person, per month.

Fees & Payment:

Following receipt of the invoice, customers have 14 days to make payment, within this time limit is also when customers should raise any disputes or queries with allbookd.

If allbookd has not received payment after the 15th day of the invoice being sent, allbookd may suspend all user accounts in relation to the customers, which will remain this way until either the dispute is settled or the balance on the account cleared. Allbookd will always notify the customer of any suspensions being placed, and should after an additional 30 days of this, if no queries or disputes have been raised, allbookd may terminate the account and remove customer data from our servers. Should the customer wish to reinstate their account after this time, they must make a request in writing, and data may be able to be recovered and restored onto the database, incurring an administration fee of no less than £45 (which may increase due to business size)


Should the account be placed under suspension for an excessive amount of time allbookd reserves the right to remove this from our database much in the way we would with a termination of contract, if the customer wishes to reactivate their account by clearing all outstanding balances, allbookd can add the customer data back onto the database, this will be charged no less that £45, but may be higher due to business size.



Allbookd shall provide the services during the subscription time, subject to the Terms of Service.

Please understand there may be times allbookd is unavailable due to either essential  maintenance, in which case we will send out a notification to all users a minimum of 24 hours beforehand. Alternatively there may be unplanned situations, our server provides a 99.95% uptime, so there may be the extremely rare outage which we apologise for.



The customer is able to terminate their contract with allbookd by contacting us in writing with no less than 30 days notice. On receipt of this we will respond acknowledging your request and provide a date that your allbookd service will be terminated.


Customer data is backed-up daily, and should the customer want to reactivate their account after the termination period we can reinstate this onto our database which may incur a fee (no less that £45, but may increase due to business size). 

A customer is free to re-set up an account at a later date as an entirely fresh start - with no previous staff dates, which will not incur the administration fee.


Allbookd may terminate the contract with immediate effect if the customer or user is found to be in serious breach of the contract.



Terms of Use (Website)


These terms apply to those using the allbookd website (, weather as a guest or registered user.


Changes to our site:

From time to time we may change our website, this includes updated content, layouts and features.


Accessing our site:

There may be times when our site is inaccessible due to maintenance or downtime, we apologise for this and will have it back up and running for you as soon as possible. Allbookd cannot be held liable for any period of time when our site is unavailable. 


Intellectual property rights:

We are the owner of all intellectual property rights of material published on our site, and grant permission for our users to download, print or share the website link but you are not permitted to alter any printed or digital materials taken from the website. 

You are not permitted to use and illustrations, photographs, video or audio separated from their accompanying text or without passing credit to allbookd.


Prohibited Uses:

You may use our site only for lawful purposes.  You may not use our site:

In any way that breaches any applicable local, national or international law or regulation.

In any way that is unlawful or fraudulent, or has any unlawful or fraudulent purpose or effect.

For the purpose of harming or attempting to harm minors in any way.

To transmit, or procure the sending of, any unsolicited or unauthorised advertising or promotional material or any other form of similar solicitation (spam).


Linking to us:

You are free to distribute the link to the allbookd site, providing this is in a fair and legal way, which is not done to intentionally damage our reputation.


Privacy Policy


We value our customers personal data, security and privacy, and are dedicated in keeping whats private, well - private. For users of our site/app


Information we collect:

When using our mobile application only, we maintain records of our users firstname, surname, email address, and working group/department & working hours. This is necessary for use of our software and calculate your annual allowances. We do not share or sell this data to third-party companies, and never will.


The information may be used to assist in technical support, or testing purposes to improve the services allbookd offers.



Our users data, is stored in the cloud using a service Google Firebase, this is to ensure security for our data, and only allbookds creator has access to this area.



You have the right to request your data held about yourself from us, which we will always oblige but may ask for proof of identification. Please contact for this.

Terms of use/service & privacy policy