Why should staff struggle to book their holiday?


They shouldn't, that's why we've done all the hard work,

so no-one else does.

A calendar that's almost too easy to use. 

  • Pale Blue - Pending Approval

  • Solid Blue - Approved.

  • Half Filled - Half Day

  • Red - Declined 

  • Orange Circle - Another user off.

Individual days, select and hit save. Want multiple days, switch on date range and tap away. Only booking a half day? That's fine, the 'Full Day' button cycles through options.

...or cancelling


Need to change your dates?


No problem, head over to your leave page.

All your dates are there!

All those online daters will be well equipped for cancelling dates, (we mean the holiday ones), swipe away people, to remove that date! You can also change a day from Full to Half and vice versa by hitting the edit button when you open the swipe options.

Perhaps you're having second thoughts? Tap each date and it'll take you straight there in the calendar - just to confirm exactly what you're cancelling.

for managers


Dread yet another year full of requests, cancellations and changes?

Fear not! It's allbookd. All your dates are there!


As an administrator, your home page has the 'Contact Manager' button swapped out for 'Manage my Team'.  

Hit that, to check out the admin panel. That's all.

We like to keep things simple. For everyone.

these are your options


We Repeat.

Simple, Functional, Clean.

What do you really need when organising your teams holiday (and we hope your own!) The basics, no funny business, no complications.

Exactly what you want - where you want it.

  • Approve - Brings up any outstanding leave.

  • Edit Team - Someone entered their leave wrong? Change that, and everything else, here.

  • Team Admins - Other people handle holiday? Add them here, so you can kick back 

  • Send Custom Notifications - Want to remind some or all of your team how much leave they have left? Or what about an out of office? Perhaps you just want to type your own message for the team! 

  • Share with team - Want to help your team getting set up, open a pre-drafted email to download allbookd, just pop in their e-mails!



Swipe left. Swipe right.

Hit that button at the top to cycle through your departments.

Swipe right to open your actions to approve or decline.

Want to check that date to the calendar? Is anyone else off?

Just tap the date, it'll bring you straight to it.

managing your team


Your individual insights.

Hit the edit team button, then select your team member, and you're here.

  • Allowance - Edit a users annual entitlement.

  • Hours - Edit a users working hours.

  • Contact - Opens an e-mail, to their address.

  • De(activate) - Someone new? Someone left? Deny/Allow their access to the calendars with this switch.  

  • Holiday List - Want an overview of all their leave? It's right here, you can edit pre-approved or decline here also.